Thank you for being a part of VIDIAL

Here’s what’s new in the latest build:
– Misc Bugs and UI Fixes
– Facebook login now auto-follows VIDIAL account
– Rotation Bug related to the followers view fixed
– Styled Dropbox and Drive Loading HUDs
– Fixed issue where Drive import HUD wouldn’t disappear
– Fixed all crashing issues
– Temporarily removed Facebook Export
– Changed all IAPs to free
– Added Ideas and temporarily removed ‘MODs’

Things to test:
-General Functionality
-Making videos with audio/video mods
-Uploading videos to YouTube

Please report any bug findings in the comments below…

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7 thoughts on “Testing – Build 45

  1. Profile photo of Scott Lepold
    Scott Lepold 3 years ago

    Really love this app! It would be cool if we could add multiple effects to the audio and video . Happy to be a part of the beta and. VIDIAL team!

  2. Matt Fawcett
    Matt Fawcett 3 years ago

    I can log in on my computer, but still cannot log into the app on my phone

    1. VIDIAL
      VIDIAL 3 years ago

      Thanks Matt. Your web login and your App login are not one in the same, unfortunately. We have not executed a web integration yet. If you have not created an account in the app yet, you may do so. If you have, but are having trouble logging in, please use the Forgot Password link in the app to reset.

    VIDIAL 3 years ago

    A few noted issues:
    -profile screen has old graphics
    -billboard playlist crashes app
    -portrait mode achieved in youtube upload
    -upon failed youtube upload, video is forced to re-render(time)
    -when I follow someone, the box just disappears
    -enhancement: notifications(new follows, new views, top of playlist)

  4. Profile photo of Scott Lepold
    Scott Lepold 3 years ago

    It would be great if you could get to someones profile right from the discover screen. Currently, you can click an artist (and you don’t know who it is) and you may like their performance, but you then have to go to the playlists to find them and then go to their profile (there is no way to get from the YouTube video strait to the artist profile to like/share etc. from the main discovery page). This will enhance the discovery process.

  5. Laura Stavinoha 3 years ago

    I’m trying to upload a video from iCloud (1,03 GB) but is doesn’t seem to work. There’s no visible uploading progress and the app does not respond. Then after a while it returns to the page where you can choose your uploading source. My profile also says I have no uploads yet.

  6. Dom 3 years ago

    Hi, can you please re add me to the beta pool. The invite email I’ve received was empty so I couldn’t accept it. I’ve just received a notification to test a build but I don’t have it in my test flight. Thanks