Thank you for being a part of VIDIAL

Here’s what’s new in the latest build:
– We’ve fixed the DropBox import issue
– The memory usage has been reduced. This allows for a ‘smoother’ app experience
– Removed the ‘crashing’ from user feedback/reporting of bugs
– Now, when you delete a video on YouTube, it is also deleted from VIDIAL
– Editing your profile caption has been fixed
– The ‘Views’ tally on ‘Discover’ videos has been corrected to show proper tally
– We implemented a 5 minute cap on ‘Capture’ for an improved experience

Things to test:
– General Functionality
– DropBox import and export
– Watching other user’s VIDIALs
– Making videos with audio/video mods
– Uploading videos to YouTube

Please report any bug findings in the comments below

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