Thank you for being a part of VIDIAL

Here’s what’s new in the latest build:
– Fixed crashing issues with Ideas and Support
– An additional Dropbox import issue has now been fixed
– Playlists and Profile VIDIALs are now sorting correctly
– Fixed a ‘freezing’ issue when swiping between your feed and posts

Things to test:
– General Functionality
– DropBox import and export
– Try opening Suggest, Roadmap, Report under IDEAS and Faq, Care Team under SUPPORT
– Making videos with audio/video mods
– Swipe between your feed and your posts
– Uploading videos to YouTube

Please report any bug findings in the comments below

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One thought on “VIDIAL Build 60 – Beta Testing Overview

  1. Don Nicolson 3 years ago

    Just done some recording and unfortunately It didn’t save the recording, as the app crashed and once I recorded it The export failed and I lost the whole thing and had to end up recording using camera app and importing it into Vidial. I love the performance video enhancements I wish there were more options on both the audio and video side also I can’t see how to share with the existing Vidial users i.e. Sharing the video I made with only them. I have to say guys the concept is awesome with some more functionality and bug free I can see this really taking off. A mic gain feature and mixer maybe would be awesome too. Many thanks Don if you would like to see what I recorded using VL3 straight in let me know and I can share it