Mandippal is labeled as one of the hardest working artists in Canada. Performing 150+ shows a year, he has played in Europe, India, New York, and major festivals across Canada, with some of the best songwriters in the country, and in world famous venues like the Molson Amphitheatre & Ronnie Scott’s.

VIDIAL: Why do you make music?
MANDIPPAL: I make music because it’s the one thing I’ve always been good at. I feel the most confident when I’m on a stage, or in front of people.

VIDIAL: Who would you site as a major influence for your music?
MANDIPPAL: Jason Mraz! Definitely Jason Mraz

VIDIAL: Who do you make music for?
MANDIPPAL: I enjoy making music first and foremost for myself, outside of that I suppose for anyone that will listen.

VIDIAL: How do you share your music with others?
MANDIPPAL: On stage mostly. I love playing my music for an audience.

VIDIAL: What is your favourite way of connecting with fans? Other artists?
MANDIPPAL: The best way to connect for me is always social media. I’m constantly updating my twitter and my Facebook fan page.

VIDIAL: In relation to your music career, tell us a short story about having to “DIY” it. (Do-It-Yourself).
MANDIPPAL: Having to book my own tour across Ontario in 2009 from Windsor to Sault Ste Marie! I was VERY green, even though I had been playing in my hometown quite a bit. I had no idea about touring. I didn’t know how to budget for hotels, travel expenses, etc. I made money, but lost some too. So it was a big learning curve for my future tours.

VIDIAL: What is the biggest problem you have when trying to make a good video?
MANDIPPAL: I’d say, picking the right song, and shooting at the right angle.

VIDIAL: What’s the one thing you always have with you?

VIDIAL: How do you see the importance of video for musicians today?
MANDIPPAL: Videos can be a HUGE money making opportunity for independent musicians if they have the right platform, choose the right song, and cater to the right demographic. It’s also the easiest way to show a promoter or a booking agent, or even your fans, what you do.